Are you Designing your LIFE?

In my work as an OFW Engineer,  I used to design electrical distribution system, equipment layout, lighting system, control system, power system, fire alarm system, grounding, lightning protection system....and even the house of my DOG!

Oftentimes, I felt great when I saw my work  issued for construction, come to life and just worked perfectly fine.   Sometimes, my design will require some modifications, adjustments and some revisions to suit actual field condition or,  as per client suggestions beyond my control.   That is fine with me.  I accepted the fact that in this industry, constant changes are normal.   We deal it systematically that it becomes standard  in our job  to  adapt and create another option or solution.

Sleepless Night


In one of my sleepless night,  I wonder if I could adopt this principle in designing my own LIFE.   I believe I am the Engineer of my own Destiny.    Have you ever thought that too? Have you got a master plan in place to retire the way you want to?  Did you ask yourself about your own target finish date of being an OFW?  Are you following your own Plan?  Do you allow revision to your Life ?  Did you consider contingencies and safety factor in your life design? Are you taking calculated risk in your decision making?  Are you doing something different from your colleagues in your  own spare time? Did you start and finish something?

The problem of not doing anything is that you never know when are you going to finish.  According to my friend Albert Einstein, " Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different result. " You can be whatever you are Tomorrow because of what you have done Today. You are stuck to what you are Now because of what you did Yesterday. Today is a gift for you that you can draft your plan and change the course of your destiny for the better.   There is no more permanent things in this world except change.  Do not dwell anymore in the past that you can do no more.  Neither you dwell too much in the future that you forget to live.  Smell the  scent of roses along the way,  appreciate the beauty of the surroundings and enjoy the tweets of birds in the trees.  


So,  grab your pen,  scribble  something to your paper to whatever comes to your thought.
While looking at your paper,  you BEGIN your design with the END in mind.   You imagine the following vivid pictures start to appear gradually one at a time like in the movies.

  • You are in the balcony of your house in the beautiful sunrise, sitting in your lazy chair, drinking brewed coffee with newspaper in hand, while your wife serving your favorite breakfast and your kids are playing in your manicured lawn.
  • You are generating multiple passive income, that you can do things you love most and at the same time helping others in your own capacity.
  • You go visit places like beaches, mountains, resorts, etc you have never gone before for longer period of time with your family and friends.
  • You go overseas  frequently not anymore as an OFW Engineer but as a tourist, businessman or investor.
  • You wake up in the morning with the same woman in your side and giving her the  tickling hug to assure her that you'll gonna stick to the same bed forever!
  • You pursue other hobbies and undertakings like photography, painting, yoga,  gardening, aikido, judo, scuba diving. sky diving, mountain climbing,  motor biking, cycling and even participating in triathlon.
  • You attend reunions with your old time friends and classmates and they are amazed that you are still the guy next door  and high school heart rob you used to be!
  • You will have more time with your relatives and old folks exchanging pleasantries, giving them your hugs and affections, rekindle the memories, giving gifts, laughing out loud and laugh for more...
  • You participate actively in other socio civic organizations in your own locality.   You are asked to run for Mayor but politely decline because you want to run for Congress!
  • You visit banks and go straight to the bank's manager to consolidate your growing account portfolio.
  • You drive your own shinning SUV to visit your businesses, associates and farmville together with your loyal assistant and body guard... German Shepperd Dog K9.
  • You are the favorite sponsor for weddings, fiestas and other local celebrations.
  • You play  basketball with your teen son and very proud to  say "  You are Cool Dad!
  • You are drinking your favorite frappucino in the coffee shop when you are noticed by a passing former colleague.   Surprise to see you again, now in his vanishing hair ,  he asked you in his garbled voice,  " What the hell are you doing here? Why are you so fit and look younger?  What did you do these past years? Where are you now working?  What Country? What is your offered salary?.... You are overwhelmed, confused and you do not know what question you will answer first.   You smile and just say you are officially retire as an OFW.  You just make a brief talk because he is about to catch up a plane going back to his work abroad.  You notice,  as he carry those luggage in hand, he is dragging his feet as if the shoes are quite that heavy.  As you bade goodbye and good luck to him, you notice he wants to hide those teary eye.  You know how that feels.   It sucks! man.

Wow!   Isn't that amazing?  Those are the future outcome of your design.  It is basically  a simple life crafted from your meticulous  preparation,  enduring sacrifice, patience, hardwork and resourcefulness.  There is no cost for dreaming the kind of life you want to be.  It is unlimited my friend!  It will depend on your design and your plan of action.  If you fail to plan, you just go with time instead of grow with time. In that case, time will plan for you.  And I am sure, you will not like it.  You will blame  the government, the church, the president, the priest, your employer, your parents, your friends, your family and your best friend.  But you forgot to blame the most important person... yourself!  You will realize you were trained so much to create so many excuses rather than solutions.  Of course, you will be encountering problems, set backs, and challenges along the way.   But just like the way engineers work, you just have to evaluate, calculate and rework again.  If you cannot figure out yet the solutions to your problems,   no problem.  Just Google it!
    So,  when are you going to start your design???  Tomorrow, Next week, Next Month, Next Year.... NO!   START Now!   Time is short to spend to things not related to your design.

    How are you going to start?   I  will share that to you in my next Blog.

    Till my next  post,

    Seize the Day,

    Allan Laranang

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    Did you know that most of the OFW Engineers managed to increase their waist lines in such a short period of time while working overseas?  The following are the fast and proven ways guaranteed to make your stomach shiny, round and soft like a sparkling Water Melon! 

    1.) Indulge everyday to the all time favorite foreign foods here, not common in the Philippines like Kapsa, Biryani, broasted, spare ribs and shawarma. These food are readily available anywhere for your quick sumptous dinner or lunch after work.

    2.) Do not get into Exercise, instead get Sleep. This will prepare you to spend long time in front of your laptop doing FB, downloading movies, chatting friend while popping to your mouth your favorite potato chips, chocolate bars, biscuits and a very cold Soda.

    3.) Schedule a weekly drinking session with your drinking associates every thursday evening. Make sure to include your favorite recipe of animal liver, intestines, brains, eyes, ears, foot, tail, gizzards and crabs for your finger foods.

    4.) Bring with you to your work a daily 6 packs of different type of Soda to quench your thirst in between meals anytime, or just to wash your mouth after heavy meal.

    5.) Always on the look out for any opportunity of FREE Meals. Be it from your company sponsor meal or from your colleagues who are celebrating their birthday. This will be your chance to load those belly until the button of your pant releases automatically.   Do not mind what others are thinking lest they do not think about you anyway...because they are also very busy Eating!

    6.) Avoid long walk. Park your car near your point of destination. You can instead get the parking lot reserved for the disable. You may get a free ride of wheel chair going inside the store. Load your cart with your usual pinoy favorites like dried tuyo, pusit, instant noodles, longanisa, tusino, ham and other frozen stuffs.

    7.) Have your usual midnight snack of 2 Cups of Ice Cream Delight before you hit the bed. Alternate the flavors each day to give you a variety of taste. Stock your cabinet with canned goods like Corned Beef, Sausage, and Meat Loaf to make your quick Sandwich. Gulp your cold full fat milk in your fridge if you feel like going to the bathroom.

    8.) Participate in any outdoor recreation just to engage in conversation with your friends. Do most of the talking but do not exert more of physical effort. Sit most of the time and take a nap if given the chance.

    9.) During holidays, stay late in the evening doing what you love,  and sleep until 12 Noon.  This is the perfect time to wake up for a heavy lunch meal in your favorite burger chain. You will love to hear those words  " Good morning Sir? May I take your order please? "

    10.) Outsource the regular cleaning of your house, car, bed and  laundry.  The least you can do is doing your own dish washing and hand washing of your own underwear.
    Thats it! ....Not yet my friend. Because by doing all of the above, you will reap the many consequences associated with having a stunning Water Melon Abs.    While in front of the mirror,  as you keep on noticing your protruding belly,  you feel a sharp pain in your back,  then you feel numbness in your arms,  followed by a pain at the back of your neck.  It is just like you are in a roller coaster.  Suddenly, it dawned on you that hey, this is for Real!    By consulting the doctor, you may be a candidate for the following findings.  Some of which are the following:
    • Hypertension
    • High Uric Acid
    • Kidney Stones
    • Diabetic
    • Acid Reflux

    Oh No!, You want to wake up.  As you tell to yourself,  " This cannot be happening to me... "   Now, it is a wake up call.  You realized you have been doing the above unconsciously for the past long years already,  and now is the payback time.   Is there any second chance? Any Medicine?  Yes, if you are lucky of course.   It will just depend on how big your water melon ab is.

    Now, you come to your right senses that Water Melon Abs is not for you anymore.  That you commit to yourself  the biggest decision to your life to make a CHANGE.   You do not want to feel those pains anymore.  You want to feel  and look good.  You have still many things to do aside from EATING.   You realized that in this world, you EAT TO LIVE and not LIVE TO EAT.
    You promised to yourself that this time........ You commit to get  6 pack ABS!  Click Here!

    It is  Now or Never.  You will now turn to my next post of 10 ways to get Six Pack Abs   Here!

    Till my Next Post,

    Seize the Day

    Allan Laranang