How to Combat Homesickness abroad

Salamalaykom Sadik!

Working abroad as an OFW Engineer is not that easy especially for newbies.   Even for those already a veteran who has been in and out of the country still experience those homesick feeling.  Yeah, I know you are not alone.   What actually triggers this homesickness?
  • You are alone in your room, staring your family picture.  Urgh... Oh man!
  • You watch Maalaala mo Kaya in TFC and the story somewhat resemble your life story.  Come on!
  • You listen to Christmas Song..... " I'll be Home for Christmassssssss".... Unbelievable!
  • Your son or daughter called you in your mobile in their tiny voices.   Tears on your Mobile...
  • And many can imagine, even so while doing your Work!
 So,  how do you prevent this to lead you to anxiety or stress?

Simple, engage yourself to your favorite hobby, sports or , you can be just simply reading a good book in your spare time.  In my case,  I still manage to play my favorite billiard game in one of the mall here in Riyadh together with my colleague Omeck.  The place is relaxing and safe.
Feel free to check my video below.

Till my next post.

Seize the Day,

Allan Laranang


  1. Allan, great video! It's the same case with ofws living in Europe whom I have talked to. The feeling of loneliness doubles when winter hits. Kailangan lang talaga maging busy at maglibang. I tell ofws I meet that they can also enroll in free online courses so that they can have a more productive free time.

    Roly Manansala

    1. thanks rolly, sometimes you can discover your hidden talents too..


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