What Are The Drawings For?

From Left To Right:  Interior Design Expert Architect Arnel Paguio,  Internet Expert Engr Allan Laranang,  Lighting Expert Engr Angel Daguio

Drawings are always part of Engineer’s work.   Come to think of it, there will be no drawings without engineers or vice versa.    This will constitute the plans, implementation and commissioning of the project.   It will surely make or break the outcome of the project.  

From Left To Right:  Lighting Design Expert Angel Daguio, Power Design Expert Noel Esportlas, Interior Design Expert Architect Arnel Paguio
Furthermore,   what really are the types of the drawings typically produced by these talented Engineers:

Design Drawings
It is also commonly called Tender Drawings.   It is produced using the conceptual design based on the criteria set by the owner, consultant or designers in accordance with the international codes and standards.  These drawings are also the basis for the bill of quantities necessary to estimate the cost of the project.

Shop Drawings
These drawings are produced by the contractor to define the detailed plan and  constructability of the design drawings.   It is commonly drafted with utmost details such as precise clearance measurement, length, elevation and sizes of the materials to be used for the installation, taking into consideration the approved specification and standards.  The approved materials and equipment by the consultant and the owner shall also be included in this drawings.

As Built Drawings
These are the drawings already installed, inspected and approved at site.   The Site  QC Engineer or the  Project Engineer will conduct red line of the shop drawings  to indicate the actual field installation.  It may or may not change the drawn shop drawings.    These drawings are submitted as part of the handing over after the successful commissioning of the project and  stamped as AS Built.
To sum it up, each drawing as shown above is equally important that complete the process of project completion.   It complements each other, provides direction and reference to any succeeding steps in the construction and project management.
Inset:  Allan Laranang explaining to the Team the importance of Numbers in generating the required drawings.  That's why they called it ENGINEERING!!!
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