My Cellphone Touch

Just as I am about to call my wife, I glanced my cellphone in my desk and wander how precious this piece of equipment that made a huge contribution to my working overseas.
My Cellphone Nokia 1100
I cannot imagine myself without my cellphone.  It served my communication needs for more than 5 years now as evident by the almost vanishing alphanumeric tag in the keypads.  My wife bought this to me some time last 2005 to replace my worn out Nokia 5110…  Did you smirk?  Come on, you read it right.  So happen, I do not have the photo of that mobile phone anymore.  But hey, my old mobile now as shown is a Nokia 1110 series which is still in good operating condition amid fading colors.   My problem now is that I cannot anymore find here the exact casing cover replacement for this model.
Is it time for me to switch to a new Cellphone with so much fancy features, WIFI enable, loaded with many application and touch screen sensation operability?
 I paused for a moment and contemplate on the  many great features and benefits brought by my old cellphone for these years.   Here it is:

Useful Features
  • Yellow screen resolution, 1 inch x  1 inch Digital Monitor
  • User friendly scrolling menu with Contact manager, Call Register, Clock Reminder, Games, Calculator, Stop Watch, Currency Converter and Alarm Clock.
  • Rugged look, Hard Casing with Soft Keypads.
  • Classic Ring tone with my favorite Cackle.
  • SMS,  Call forwarding, Speakerphone,
Priceless Benefits

- When I checked my phone registers, I was surprised to check those information logged in my cellphone for the past 5 years. 
  • my total sent messages is   2765
  • my total received messages is  3299
  • my total duration of received calls is 38 hours, 58 mins, 28 secs
  • my total duration of dialled calls is 35 hours 29, mins, 37 secs
  • my total duration of all calls is 74 hours, 28mins, 55 secs
 -  Survived being inside the washing machine for  5 mins when I forgot to remove from my pants. Superb Cellphone clean up!

 -  Fell off from my pocket to the stairs straight to the catch basin of sand and cement mixture. Wheew!  Suffered minor scratches only from the upper surface.

-   Lost and found in a restaurant on the same day.  So lucky, So sweet...Nobody's interested?

-   Favorite alternative use by my colleagues' with fancy mobile because the load is always available.  What the f#@$%k is their phone for???

- I also cannot discount the many emotional touch my cellphone whisper to my ear drum.
Voices like...
" Dadi Love Youuuu"
"Uwi ka na ba... "
" Happy Birthday Lakay "
" Happy Anniversay Dad "
" Miss U na "
" Nagpadala ka na ba? "
" Oo,  bakit wala pa "
" Kain ka na ba " 
" Online na ako "

Somehow,  I knew it will just be a matter of time if my beloved cellphone will soon be replaced.  But it will not be because there is a new and sophisticated model out there.  Rather, when I pressed the button and I  will not anymore see those lovely text in the screen, and no more voice call.

Surely,  I may soon forgot the cellphone model I usually used.  But I will not forget the feeling that this cellphone created in my Life as an OFW Engineer.  It is indeed a splendid TOUCH!...

Till my Next Post.

Seize the Day,

Allan Laranang