Vacation Time in the Yuletide Season

Flight Going Home
Did you know that there are only 3 important days OFW Engineers are always waiting for?  

So, what are those...  These are the Friday,  the Payday and finally the Vacation Day.   Seems like an ordinary, but it is indeed a big deal for me and for every OFW Engineers out there.   The Fridays provided the needed day off after  a week of back breaking work.  The Payday is actually the same as the remittance day.  It is what we came here for, to trade our time, knowledge and skills.   You can check my previous post about remittance here.

Lastly, the Vacation day.   After  a half year or a full year working in the middle east depending on the agreed contract,  there is no other sweetest moment like going home.  I've been in and out of the country for quiet some time now, but it is always the scene of going for vacation that really excites me most!  As soon as I receive my plane ticket,  I begin to think of gifts to buy, things to do and other family activities I terribly miss so much. 

With my colleagues at the Airport Lounge, waiting for boarding.
The moment I set foot in the lobby of the airport prior to boarding, and hear the voice message from the public address speaker saying, "  All passengers of KX 471 bound for Manila, All Passsengers of KX 471 bound for  Manila,  please proceed to Gate No. 14......... followed by an exit tone"  I got excited already.  It is indeed a classic musical piece for me.  I would love to record that as my ring tone later.

Delayed Flight,  I'm starving
Even on the instance that my flight encounters delay,  I love chatting with my colleagues in the airport lounge on what will be our vacation plans and other life's topics that prevent us from getting bored.  Oh yeah, I like window shopping in the duty free shops too!   But here in Riyadh and Kuwait, you can not find wines and liquors for sale.   Next time, I would like to connect via HK or Bahrain.

Getting ready for long flight going home

Inside the plane,  I would enjoy the food, the movies and sometimes playing games in the sit console.   The moment the pilot announced  "  Ladies and Gentlemen,  in just a short while we will landing NAIA 1 International Airport,  the temperature is 26 Deg C, please fasten your seatbelt..."  This time I got excited again!

Looks like we are now going to land.

The moment the plane landing gear touch down the runway,   I got carried away by the cheers and clapping of my fellow OFW'sWe know this is it.  We just arrived.  I knew then, I will now be seeing my wife, waiting for me in the arrival area.   This is not yet the end of our journey.  It will just be the beginning of our much awaited vacation we are all waiting for.

Our Plane just landed.
When I finally meet my wife and we sealed a kiss,   this is now the start of my vacation and for sure that would be a different story to tell.  Surely, it will be great to spend my vacation this time especially in this yuletide season. 

A Blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone !!! :-)

Till my next post.

Seize the Day,

Allan B. Laranang