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Pinoy OFW Engineers work in a variety of disciplines in various industrial, utility, construction and commercial sectors around the world.  Here in the middle east, the most sought engineering position usually occupied by Filipino Engineers are the following:
  1. Project Managers
  2. Construction Managers
  3. Project Engineers
  4. QA/QC Engineers
  5. Consulting Engineers
  6. Safety Engineers
  7. Planning Engineers
  8. Site Engineers
  9. Construction Engineers
  10. Design Engineers
  11. Quantity Surveyors
  12. Commissioning Engineers
  13. Maintenance Engineers
  14. Operation Engineers
These positions usually require a Bachelors Degree  e.g Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Electronics and Communications Engineering.   He or She should be a registered or license engineer in his respective discipline by the Professional Regulation Commission to be able to practice his profession.  The degree of work, perks, pay,  benefits and responsibility vary depending on the company you are working.  It is advisable that at least you should have worked at least 5 years in local to gain substantial experience before joining the OFW Engineer bandwagon.  With that, you are smoking hot and ripe in the international market!

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