A Day in the Life of an OFW Engineer

Salamalaykom Sadik!

After the never ending urgent deadlines of shop drawings, take off's and material submittals,  it is always a pleasure for us here in Riyadh to unwind, get together, eat pizza and just talk about anything except WORK.   Oftentimes the policy is, if you introduce topics about Work,  you will be paying the bill!    It just so happen that this time it is my birthday.  So, no choice  dude for me.

 Photo from Left Henry Gacia, Sherwin Sundia, Allan Laranang, Robert Caguisano and Arniel Adlawan

Photo from left,  Omeck Bocaya,  Henry Garcia, Allan Laranang, Robert Caguisano and Arniel Adlawan

My colleagues as shown above managed to get some fun here amidst the many restrictions we all know.  It is just like you were in Cubao taking pizza and cold drinks after encashing your paycheck. The only difference here is, you still have money left in your pocket.  :-)

After dinner, we grabbed the chance to go to this popular remittance center here to send money back home.  Lucky you babe!   I believe that is the most important role of an OFW Engineer.  Not convince? Ask the Bank!

Video clip of this day is shown below.   Feel free to check out.

Till next post.

Seize the Day,

Allan Laranang

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