OFW Engineer Can't Jump?


We know that most Pinoy Engineers love basketball, and I am one of them.  When my colleagues scheduled a fun game of basketball after work,   I got excited.  Its quite a long time that I have not played the game.  The same excitement with my colleagues where most of them are already in their mid 30s to 40s, including me of course! 

Basketball Game in Riyadh
Substitution Ref?
Do you think we still have the ability To dribble the ball?  To  jump high for the rebound?  To give the smooth assist? To drive the hook? To block the opponents ball? To give a pick?  To give zone defence? To get a fastbreak? To make a fed away jump shot?  To do shoulder fake cross dribbling? To follow up shoot. To make 3 points shot? To do short jump shot, To dunk the ball? To walk in the air?

Find out here in this video. 

If video not showing, click here  --->   Pinoy Riyadh Basketball

What do you think?  Yeah,   we still have the spirit to play the game.   We want to make those barreling moves the way it is picture in our mind but those damn knees could not cooperate anymore as plan.  The mind is willing but the body is weak.   I think we need some compressor to drive enough air to breath more.  We learned  the need to respect biology now.  Over-all,  the game was great!  We look forward to play more games except if it is sand storm.

Till my Next Post.

Seize the Day,

Allan Laranang

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