Why become OFW?


There are a lot of reasons why you become OFW.   Many of which are due to the color of money.  Alright, aside from that, what exactly the triggering point that all of a sudden you grab your suit case and fly to your country of destination.   In my experience dealing with my colleagues and friends abroad,  women OFW tends to have different reasons than men.   Oftentimes, because of  men themselves!

Why women become OFW?  Take note that not all applied to Women OFW, but majority it is.
  • their husbands are maltreating them or suffered from physical and mental abuse.
  • husbands are irresponsible, drunkard, addict, gambler and womanizer.
  • husbands have no plans, no dreams, no ambitions....nothing as in like a dry hard twig!
  • husband is a Mama's boy.  If he got problems, go to Mama. He is sick, go to Mama.
  • husband is also working abroad and likes to join him there. or from other country.
  • support their daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, cousins and other relatives to study in college.
  • huge loans, credits, or their house is near foreclosure by the bank.
  • seek foreigner husband,  popular from the single and  complicated married as well.
  • stepping point to migrate permanently to countries like US,  CAN, AU, NZ.
  • just simply want to join their friends abroad and do the same bonding they used to do at home.
  •  Amazed of many pictures of his friends abroad in the facebook that she want to experience that too...
  • Invited by colleague and friends abroad because of high paying job.
  • Broken hearted,  boyfriend married his ex girlfriend.
  • Like to study foreign languages and cuisine.
  • .....the list can be so on and so forth as you also join the ofw bandwagon.
WAIT!!  What about those OFW men out there?   They do have some similarities but mostly different in perspectives.
  • Reached the boiling point working in local that his career is  going no where and not anymore financially rewarding.
  • Sons and Daughters already grown up and due to study college.
  • Wife is also working abroad.
  • Wife transferred to neighbor's house.  Oucch!  Napakasakit Kuya Eddie...
  • Answered Job invitation abroad and cannot anymore resist that tempting offer.
  • Enthusiasm to learn something new in his own occupation and discipline.
  • Opportunity to work with different nationality and cultures.
  • Likes to travel abroad and explore where others have not been there and done before.
  • Loves  foreign women, hot blonde, russian, black, hispanic, chinese etc. Wheww!
  • No jobs available at home because overqualified or not qualified.
  • Visited other country once, love the place and decided instantly  to work there.
  • and so on and so forth... 
DISCLAIMER DAW:  The points mention above are just some of my friends and colleagues experiences while working abroad and my erratic mind while writing this blog. Any similarity to actual  person living things or non living things,  toothless or thoughtful,  shaggy hair or mr clean, mariah clara or madonna,  brod  pitt or  brad pit,  with 6 pack abs or watermelon abs, single or complicated are purely coincidence and is not punishable under the court of  Democratic Republic of Internet.   You may or may not submit your temporary restraining order to nullify the validity of this blog. :-)

Alright, for me the deepest reason why I accepted being part of the OFW phenomenon is because of my FAMILY...  It is because of them that I endure the homesickness, sorrow and pains of being far away in order to give them a good life.

My wife Lea and Daughter Ela

Ogie, Ela, Me and Fifo

 I am always looking forward to another vacation to be with my Family... Malayo pa ang Umaga pero asahan mo babalik ka rin.

Till my next post,

Seize the Day

Allan Laranang

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