Salamalaykom Sadik!

Many associated OFW Engineers to a word " Big.."  such as big money, big time, big house, big bag, big wallet, big balikbayan box, big car  and so on and so forth.   Nevertheless,  it is true that when you work abroad you will be exposed to a lot of  big ideas, responsibilities, places, things and .....especially people.   

Photo from Left: Allan Laranang and Mazen Fara

Meet my buddy and colleague Mazen, also an Engineer.  He is truly a Big Man with a Big heart. He enjoys working with pinoy engineers.   With that size,  he can be a candidate to break the weighing scale.....I mean, the guinness book of world record for the heaviest engineer in the world!  You bet,  even the Zumo wrestlers of Japan will not dare to challenge him for a match.  He can easily move them out of the line without even lifting a finger. Lol!...just the stomach :-)

Phote from Left:  Allan Laranang and  Mazen Fara

At the soft side,  he is an AutoCad  3D Expert and an Electrical designer with a customized keyboard and a mouse usually replace every three months because of wear and tear.. LOL!.   Like pinoy, he is a hardworking  family man.   Working with him has no dull moments and "mafi muskila" as  they say in arabic.

Hence,  every pinoy engineer has big dreams in life.   Whatever that is, I knew that you've got to be always prepared for any big opportunities that may come in your path.  

Till my Next Post.

Seize the Day,

Allan Laranang

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  1. nice blog kuya! you do have a great talent in writing your thoughts! big time it is!hahaha




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