Box of Love

Have you seen similar box like this before?   This is no ordinary box. There's something about this box that is deeper than we knew the contents are.  It stands as one of the many symbols of the OFW phenomenon in this time.   This box will be transported many miles across the skies from OFW abroad to his  beloved family back home.

Surely, the content of this box will bring big smiles and cheers to the keen receiver who had waited sooooooo….. much for this thing to arrive.    This may be sent because of the OFW wife birthday presents, anniversary gifts, or just the manifestation or expression of his enduring love to his son or daughter who were consistent to call about their wishes and populating his email inbox with precise detail pictures of what they really want.

Most of the list items that the OFW Engineer painstakingly fill inside the box are the common stuff like toys, clothings,  rubber shoes, perfumes, chocolates,  electronic items, kitchen wares, books, hardware tools etc..  Items like these are really a lot cheaper here compare to buying at home.  Plus,  OFWs find some stuff that is  hard to find elsewhere.  It takes a lot of skills to organize this stuff inside the box considering every space as much as possible to maximize the freight cost.   Here in KSA,  the average cost of freight to the Philippines is SR 6 to SR 7 per kg, depending on your location ( Manila or Province ). 

When this box finally arrives in the Philippines  it shall be the center of attraction among the family members.   Probably,  meals may be skipped,  television may be shut off, cell phone calls and text message may be ignored, to make sure they will not miss anything from the opening ceremony.   If only you can install a spy audio transmitter, you can eavesdrop the various voices......  saying:

“    Ang dami naman tape….. hirap buksan, akin na gunting  “
“   Ayun nakita ko na yung akin. Yung kulay orange na may check!!  “
“   Tsarannnnn!  Wow!    ganda kasyang kasya….”
“   Eh,  Asan na yung akin ay.........”
“  Sandali,  mayroon pa sa ilalim….  “
“  Sarap netong chocolate, ang tatak sulat parang bulate ???  “
“  Gusto ko ito , tamang tama pang exercise ko… “
“  Yehey!,  gagamitin ko na yang bagong bag ko sa school bukas ano…."
“ Oy, yung chocolates bigyan mo mga classmates mo ah…
“  May alak ba dyan?    Walaaa, bawal dun yun.
                “ Tawag nyo na Daddy nyo. thank you na kayo….” 

Seeing them happier and full of joy is more than enough for the OFW Engineer to compensate his love for his family.   It is not that he makes them become spoiled brat or something, that make them love the box more than the sender of the box. It is  only his way of mirroring his image to show that say " hey, I am still  here, I am still around, I may be far away, but I am looking after you all the time and I will always love you whatever it takes..."  So sweet so cool!...  

He wanted them to know that the box is just the symbol of his unconditional love for them.  That whatever the contents are, it is his way of giving back the love to his family for praying for him in his work,  staying faithful,  studying well and doing  good  all the time.   

The next time you see this kind of box somewhere, paused for a minute and utter blessing and prayer to the sender.  Wherever he is right now,  he will always be blessed.  That he may always be in good health and still succumbs to his previous deepest reason why he chose to be an OFW.   That he will not seek a second, a third or fourth family.  That he will stick to his first one and only family who truly deserved to receive the OFW Engineer's Greatest Love of All....

Till my Next Post.

Seize the Day,

Allan Laranang 

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